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A lecturer at Kafr El-Sheikh university, Republic of Egypt visits the College of Science, University of...

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Updated   19/10/2016 3:52 PM

Prof. Dr. Nabil Mohi Abdul Hamid, who is Biology professor of oncology at the department of biochemistry and the former dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh in the Republic of Egypt, has visited on Sunday morning 18/09/2016 the College of Science at the University of Diyala. he was received by Mr. Dean of the College Assistant Professor Dr. Tahseen Hussain Mubarak. This visit was within the framework of international scientific cooperation among University of Diyala and universities in other countries of the world.

Prof. Dr. Nabil delivered a scientific lecture entitled (The difficult equation in the tumor cell) at the College of Medicine in the attendance of Mr. Rector Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadhil Al_Dulaimi and the Scientific Assistant Professor Dr. Mountaha Athab Thouib.  The lecture has addressed the latest with the medicine to treat cancer, as well as, how the spread of this disease in the human body cells. Also the lecturer has provided statistics to the most important types of cancer, including lung cancer that gets because of the high rate of smoking, which is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. The lecturer refers to the forecasts of World Health Organization an increase the rate of the patients with cancer on a global level, particularly in developing countries and increasing this disease dramatically in these countries, with the decline in developed countries due to health awareness to these countries.

The lecturer has asked to take advantage of the technique of nanotechnology, which could revolutionize the field of cancer treatment, as well as, interest in medicinal plants that help trapping the disease.

At the end of the lecture, the lecturer has given his thanks and gratitude to the presidency of University of Diyala, and he emphasizes that the personal interest of scientific research in the field of anti-cancer opens new avenues for new treatment. The lecture has been attended by some of the College’s stuff as well as the lecturers at the College of Science.


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